ESSETI MECCANICA DI PRECISIONE Srl was founded by Sandro Guerzoni, thanks to his great passion for complex and high precision mechanics, in Mirandola, near Modena, the Italian famous area of Motor Valley, in 1988. ESSETI takes its first steps on worldwide circuits and racetracks by supplying mechanical prototypes for the motorsport industry. In few years it becomes partner of companies in the field of: automations, packaging and automotive. It's in 2009 that ESSETI starts to supply high technology mechanical components for the aeronautics as well as mechanical prototypes based on customer's drawing for the aerospace industry. ESSETI is now closely and constantly co-operating with the biggest aircrafts producers in the world. In 2014 Sandro involves the young Juri Ghidotti and Matteo Bonfatti, in the board of directors with the aim of guaranteeing management continuity. The goal of ESSETI's new team of directors is that of offering a complete service to customers that are not simply looking for a supplier but for a reliable partner, which is also fast with deliveries and answers, opened minded enough to give assistance and solve problems, thorough and with undeniable quality and machining precision.


  • Manufacturing prototypes, complex mechanical components and small series;
  • Complete service of mechanical prototyping: from the analysis of the customer's drawing up to the finished component, including special processes (heating and surface ones) and tests;
  • Turning services and complex job-orders on demand;
  • Milling services and complex job-orders on demand;
  • Gear Cutting, Grinding and Electron Discharge services;
  • High technology mechanical machining on any kind of metal (no matter whether rod or casting, for instance: Inconel 718, 13-8 PH, 15-5 PH, Greek Ascoloy, Titanium, steels, aluminium, plastics ...);
  • Complex mechanical machining on demand for the aerospace industry;
  • Manufacturing and assembling of complete groups.


General supply conditions