Since ESSETI MECCANICA DI PRECISIONE is specialist in very complex machining, it manufactures prototypes and small series of components for this kind of industries:

AERONAUTICS AND AEROSPACE: complex mechanical components for aircrafts; mechanical parts for airplanes, helicopters and space vehicles such as satellites; de-icer valves, systems for flaps' movement, critical components for the hydraulic system of airplanes; mechanical prototypes on demand for the aerospace industry;

AUTOMATIONS: Mechanical components for automations and automatic benches for measurement and control; mechanical primary masters used to calibrate testing machines;

AUTOMOTIVE, MOTORSPORT and SPORT RACING, mechanical components for motorbikes, racing in the most famous world championships from MotoGP to the SUPERBIKE, components for motors and structures of motorbikes;

PACKAGING, mechanical parts installed on machines for food as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging and bottling industry